Uganda Car Hire extras

Are you planning to travel to Uganda on budget? One of the best ways is to opt for a self-drive expedition. The expedition involves hiring a car from a trust rental company. Then maneuver through the Savannah plains of natural habitats in search of wild flora and fauna. However, you need to carry the following along with you.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

With an extra cost of about 15USD, one can have the GPS to accurately guide in determining and navigating the real route of your trip. While making inquiry of your car rental, it’s very important to list down all that you would need for your self-drive in Uganda.

Camping gears

Camping adventures in Uganda is one of the most thrilling venture to undertake in the wild. We can guide you on how to secure camping gears or any other requests. These include camping tents, sleeping bags, headlamps, lanterns and flashlights. Also there is cooking gear, folding chairs and also tables.

Extra cash

Though the trending cashless transactions globally, but in Uganda the experience is still real and most. However, the most cashless means used is mobile money transactions but credit cards are rarely used especially in the countryside. Seated in your driving sit of your car rental with some cash at hand is most preferable.

Tourist map

If you’re equipped with map interpretation skills, I argue you to have a tourist map. With the help of the GPS, the tourist map gives a broader image of every position you reach to. They direct with all the en-route requirements.

Always have your own extras.

Sometimes you need more than a car for any drive, and travel companies are so great about having extras available for renting for your vacation. In order to save the money, you can bring some of the extras with you from home. For example instead of using the GPS from the agency you rent from, you can use the maps on the phone instead. It’s advisable to always have your extras to avoid extra fees.

Always buy for car insurance

You can get insurance on your rental car from the agency but it’s totally expensive and should only be used if you have worn out all other options. You can as well look at your personal vehicle insurance which could potentially cover rentals too. You can as well consult with your car agency since some of them offer some insurance as a card benefit. Many companies are good and can waive insurance carefree as long as you reserve the car with that same company. You can as well shop around for car rental discounts.

The driver’s license and passport

In case you don’t have a valid driving license, then you can’t hire a car, and you must take with you when collecting your hire car. The other item you need is a passport which is valid. This can be presented to the company agency when picking up the car. In Uganda it’s also important to have a national Id and should be presented when hiring the vehicle.

Proof of address

Some of the car hire suppliers also request that you take along the documents that show your physical address. This can also be in form of utility bills or the bank statement. You should have received these documents with in the last 8 weeks of the start of your hire. The print out of online statements is required. However, you must ensure all your information is clearly printed and there is nothing missing.

Comfortable clothes

On your self-drive journey, you will need to carry comfortable clothes. These include sweater, hats and comfortable shoes. Some areas in Africa are very cold while some others may be very hot. There you need open clothes as well.

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