Car rental with a driver is determined by the number of countries you are intending to visit in East Africa. For instance, in case you are considering car hire with a driver in Uganda, you are likely to pay US$40 per day to cover the driver wage, accommodation and meals. However in case the driver is driving you in at least three countries, he is likely to charge you US$50 per day due to varying meals and accommodation rates in the different countries.

It is advisable to hire a car with unlimited mileage. This helps you to explore the whole of East Africa to the beats without any limitations on the number of kilometers you have at your disposal. With a driver guide, you will be advised on which roads are passable and the shortcuts there in.

Our drivers are not simply drivers but professional guides with over ten years’ experience. It is for this reason why their daily rate is subsidized by the company to offer the best of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo explorations.


We have many rental locations in Uganda (Places where you can pick up and drop off the car after your safari) however some rental locations are free of charge while others require you to cover the fuel and driver expenses.

Among the free locations include: Kampala, Entebbe, and Mukono while pay for pick up locations include: Kabale, Murchison falls, Masindi, Kisoro, Jinja, Mbale, Kidepo, Fort portal, Kibale among several other local rental locations.

In Uganda, you are likely not to exceed US$150 to have the car delivered at any desired location with in the country. However the beauty with hiring a car with a driver is you can finish up your trip in any desired location and let the driver bring the car back to office. In this regard, you only need to cover the fuel to bring the car back to our premises and the wage for the driver.

Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo Hire with a Driver

We recommend prior booking of at least one month to arrange for a driver guide in Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi.

Though most of the guides in East Africa are English speaking, there are also special arrangements for Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Chinese guides. These usually range between US$60 to US$200 per day depending on the Language. For instance Chinese speaking professional guides can charge up to US$150 per day while German speaking professional guides can charge up to US$120 per day.

These rates usually cover their meals, wage and accommodation. There is nothing that enhances your safari experience like a professional guide who explains every detail in your native language.

Can I have an English Speaking driver?

Yes you can.

Most people prefer hiring a car with an English speaking driver in Uganda. This is because they want the communication while on the trip easy and understand each other.

What does it costs to hire a driver-guide?

The additional cost of hiring a driver-guide in Uganda is USD 35 day and all the proceeds go to the driver. This fee also covers his meals and accommodation.

In case you go on a camping trip, we also supply your driver with camping gear. There are no facilities to eat elsewhere inside the national parks.  We therefore ask that you provide food for your driver and cook your meals together.

Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and know how to start a camp fire.

When you travel into a national park with a driver, you have to pay their entrance fee depending on the park.

Note that fuel remains your own expense.

Any traveler who hires a 4×4 Self-drive Uganda car has the right to cancel the Chauffeur service and requests for his or her replacement. This is in case the chauffeur or Additional driver doesn’t meet his or her needs and services the traveler expected. You can just give the company a call and the driver / guide will be replaced as soon as possible within 12 Hours.

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