The Best Scenic Drives for Nature Enthusiasts

The Best Scenic Drives for Nature Enthusiasts. Uganda, often referred to as the “Pearl of Africa,” boasts a diverse landscape of lush forests, rolling hills, expansive savannas, and stunning water bodies. For those with a passion for road trips and a love for breathtaking vistas, Uganda offers some of the most scenic drives on the continent. Embarking on a journey through this East African gem provides an immersive experience into its rich culture, wildlife, and natural beauty. Here, we explore the best scenic drives in Uganda, each offering a unique glimpse into the country’s splendor.

The Best Scenic Drives for Nature Enthusiasts.
The Best Scenic Drives for Nature Enthusiasts.
  1. The Entebbe to Kampala Route

A Vibrant Introduction to Uganda

Starting from Entebbe, home to Uganda’s international airport, this drive takes you to the bustling capital city, Kampala. Along the way, you will witness the transformation from the serene shores of Lake Victoria to the vibrant urban landscape.


  • Lake Victoria: As you leave Entebbe, enjoy views of Africa’s largest lake. Consider stopping at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre or the Botanical Gardens for a refreshing break.
  • The Entebbe-Kampala Expressway: This modern highway offers smooth travel and stunning views of the surrounding wetlands and forests.
  • Kampala City: As you approach Kampala, the road offers panoramic views of the city’s skyline, dotted with hills and valleys.
  1. The Kampala to Jinja Drive

A Journey to the Source of the Nile

From Kampala, head east towards Jinja, famously known as the source of the Nile River. This drive is not just scenic but also historically and culturally significant.


  • Mabira Forest: One of Uganda’s largest rainforests, perfect for a canopy walk or a brief hike.
  • Sugarcane Plantations: Vast expanses of lush green plantations provide a picturesque view.
  • The Source of the Nile: In Jinja, visit the point where the mighty Nile River begins its journey northwards.
  1. The Jinja to Mbale Drive

Eastern Uganda’s Hidden Gem

Continuing east from Jinja, the road to Mbale is a visual feast of rolling hills, fertile farmland, and charming rural villages.


  • Mount Elgon: As you near Mbale, the towering presence of Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano, dominates the skyline.
  • Sipi Falls: A slight detour will take you to the stunning Sipi Falls, a series of three waterfalls offering breathtaking views and hiking opportunities.
  • Rural Landscapes: The route passes through picturesque villages and farmland, showcasing the agrarian lifestyle of eastern Uganda.
  1. The Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park Route

Wildlife and Waterfalls Adventure

Heading northwest from Kampala, this drive leads to one of Uganda’s most popular national parks, renowned for its dramatic waterfalls and abundant wildlife.


  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: En route, stop by to see Uganda’s only wild rhinos.
  • Karuma Falls: Before reaching the park, marvel at the powerful Karuma Falls on the Victoria Nile.
  • Murchison Falls: The park’s main attraction, where the Nile forces its way through a narrow gorge, creating a spectacular waterfall.
  1. The Fort Portal to Queen Elizabeth National Park Drive

From Crater Lakes to Savanna Plains

Fort Portal, in western Uganda, is a gateway to several scenic routes. The drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a mix of lush landscapes and wildlife-rich areas.


  • Crater Lakes: The area around Fort Portal is dotted with beautiful crater lakes, such as Lake Nkuruba and Lake Nyinambuga.
  • Kibale Forest: Home to chimpanzees and other primates, this forest is worth a detour.
  • Ruwenzori Mountains: Also known as the “Mountains of the Moon,” these majestic peaks can be seen from the road.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park: The park’s diverse ecosystems, including savannas, forests, and wetlands, provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.
  1. The Kabale to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Drive

Into the Heart of Gorilla Country

From Kabale, a scenic drive southwards takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, renowned for its population of mountain gorillas.


  • Lake Bunyonyi: Often called the “Switzerland of Africa,” this lake is surrounded by terraced hills and offers spectacular views.
  • Terraced Hills: The route is lined with terraced farms, creating a unique and picturesque landscape.
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: Home to nearly half of the world’s mountain gorillas, this dense forest offers an unforgettable wildlife experience.
The Best Scenic Drives for Nature Enthusiasts.
Lake Bunyonyi scenic view
  1. The Masaka to Lake Mburo National Park Drive

A Serene Escape

This route from Masaka to Lake Mburo National Park is shorter but no less scenic, offering a tranquil drive through rolling hills and traditional villages.


  • Traditional Homesteads: Experience the culture and lifestyle of local communities along the way.
  • Lake Mburo National Park: Known for its diverse wildlife, including zebras and antelopes, and beautiful lake vistas.
  1. The Kampala to Kabale Drive

Into the Southwestern Highlands

Driving from Kampala to Kabale takes you through central Uganda’s lush landscapes into the highlands of the southwest.


  • Lake Mburo National Park: A great stopover for wildlife viewing.
  • Ankole Cattle: Famous for their long horns, these cattle are a unique sight in the region.
  • Kabale Highlands: The road climbs into the highlands, offering panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and hills.


Uganda’s scenic drives are a testament to its natural beauty and cultural richness. Each route offers a unique experience, from the bustling cityscapes of Kampala to the serene shores of Lake Bunyonyi and the wild landscapes of Murchison Falls. Whether you are seeking adventure, tranquility, or cultural immersion, Uganda’s roads will lead you to some of the most unforgettable places on earth. Pack your bags, fuel up your vehicle, and set off on a road trip to explore the Pearl of Africa in all its glory.

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